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Advanced Computer Architecture (PDF lecture notes)

Computer architecture is about how a computer system is designed and technologies that are compatible with that system. We use a popular textbook written by Hennessy and Patterson, titled "Computer Architecture, A Quantitative Approach".  Chapter one of the textbook is about fundamentals of computer design and means of measuring the performance of a computer.  Second chapter is dedicated to memory hierarchy. Chapter 3 talks about Instruction Level Parallelism (ILP). Chapter 4 is about computer structures that could exploit Data Level Parallelism.  Chapter 5 explores Thread Level Parallelism



Undergraduate "computer architecture"

Grading Policy: 

Mid term (8 points) and final exam (9 points); total of 17 points. 

Research project: 3 points.  


2 sessions per week. Each session is 75 minutes.  15 weeks of lecture. 

Fall Semester 2018

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